What is Marketing Graphics Toolkit?

Marketing Graphics Toolkit is a growing collection of premium web graphics, containing 1000′s of graphics tools, web templates and design resources all put into one easy to navigate membership. Combined with newbie friendly Video Tutorials, these awesome graphics make it easy for you to create great looking websites, blogs or even print and mobile projects – without design experience!

What you get…

The emphasis of MGT is on quality and originality, and our team of talented designers create premium web graphics specifically for this membership. So there’s no ugly / cheap stuff – only awesome web graphics are allowed inside MGT! There is a full year’s worth of content with 1000′s of design files already inside. Here’s a small sample of what you get…

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Great for both Newbies & Design Pros!

Both Newbies and Design Pros get tremendous value out of MGT because its made up of 3 Sections:

1. Web Ready Graphics

Our Web Ready Graphics are perfect for people with no design or Photoshop experience, so don’t be intimidated if you’re a complete design newbie. These “web ready” graphics are already nicely formatted for you by professional designers, and are ready for you to use without any editing or Photoshop knowledge on your part. Just choose the web graphics you want from our huge library, and paste them into your website to give it a make over in minutes (no editing or Photoshop required)!

2. PSD Source Files

If you want to edit, customize and brand any of the premium web graphics in our collection – you can. Everything comes with fully layered PSD Source Files, neatly organized alongside powerful Photoshop (or PS Elements) add-ons like smart templates, action scripts, layer styles etc. So you can change colors, add personal text, and resize the graphics to any size (even print size – most files come in Vector Format) without loss of image quality. And combine elements from different web graphics to create endless variations of custom designs!

3. Video Tutorials

MGT allows complete Design Newbies to use professional web graphics to build cool websites, blogs, print and mobile projects. And makes it simple by including easy to understand Video Tutorials that teach beginners how to: use the “Web Ready” graphics and add them to websites, and Edit / Customize PSD source files using Photoshop (& free online graphics editor Sumo Paint). So you can start with our Web Ready Graphics, then progress to using the PSD source files and creating your own custom designs with the help of Video Tutorials – all at your own comfortable pace.



1,000′s of Items

You get instant access to 1000′s of web graphics for every part of your website: from order buttons to icons to header and banner templates – you get the web graphics you need to make awesome websites.

Marketing in Mind

Graphics inside MGT don’t just look good, they were also designed to get users interacting with your website. That means: clicking on stuff, reading sales copy, submitting emails, downloading things, share stuff etc.

Online, Print & Mobile

Websites, blogs, magazine, print or mobile projects – what ever you’re working on, MGT has the graphics to fit your needs (Banners, buttons, print flyers, wordpress themes, mobile icons, Facebook graphics & more!)

Unlimited Downloads

There are no download limits here: you get instant access to our entire collection, and can download anything you want anytime you want it – no waiting, no extra fees, no purchasing credits – just unlimited downloading.

New Weekly Content

Brand new, original content is added to MGT every week. So you’ll stay up to date with all the latest online trends, and get fresh new ways to upgrade your website every single week!

Flexible License

You get a Extended Developer License which means: you can use our graphics on an unlimited amount of your own projects (personal and commercial) AND use the graphics to create projects for other people (clients).

Join Now & Download Everything!

You get instant access to our growing library, with a full year’s worth of content already inside containing 1000′s of design files! Once you sign up, you will receive new graphics content every week for as long as you stay a member. If you’d like to cancel your membership for any reason – you can cancel any time.

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