Let me know what you want

Hey guys,

I’d love to hear some honest feedback from you. Do you like the graphics content I create? Do you want to see me create something specific? Let me know… I’ve put together a simple survey with some specific questions that will help me understand what your graphics needs are. So please take a few minutes to complete this survey. You can also post some comments into the comment box below the survey. Okay, so let me know what you think…


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    • admin

      I will continue to post layered PSD files, so yes you’ll be able to edit them in French (or any other language). And I also have quite a few mobile related graphics in the works already.

  1. Hey Max, I have a great idea that I would love to see on here. Can you come up with some Facebook Timeline Photo Cover Templates in psd? I would love to have some in different themes such as business, vintage, colorful, and so on. Maybe templates with Text on the bottom that says Subscribe to Updates with a down arrow. What do you think? Is this possible? Thanks so much!!!

  2. Carl Picot

    Hi Max

    I’ve lost track of what I’ve bought from you as my hard drive died with everything on it and I am trying to recover what I had.

    My email for Paypal is carl.picot@virgin.net Do you keep a record of what customers have bought from you?? If not if you could let me know the title of the email headers you send out when people have purchased products and I will search my inbox.
    Thanks Carl

  3. Some Dude

    Hi, Max

    Keep up the good work. Glad to see you’re open to feedback.

    My request:

    Everything fully layered — not grouped — because I use PSE and my version doesn’t allow me to ungroup =(

    Thanks! =)

  4. Hi Max, Just a thought….I don’t know if it’s possible but would you be able to supply some video background template scenes (a bit like the animoto type)
    I know it’s not really a ‘graphics’ subject area but it would be very useful.
    No problems if not, the quality of your work way outstrips the monthly peanut charge for your excellent graphics.

    • admin

      Do you mean animated video backgrounds? If so, I have no experience with that sort of thing, but I’ll keep an eye open. Maybe I can hire someone to create some, or buy a license. I’ll look out for something like that.

      • Thanks for the quick response Max, yes it’s the animated type if possible. I saw some on a WSO recently which looked really good but I don’t know what licence was granted with it.
        I think it may create some more interest for your membership site simply because video is more and more an important part of marketing these days and with your top quality graphics it would be a one stop resource site. :-)

  5. Sue

    Hi Max just wondering if we could have some postcards templates that sort of thing? so I can print them out but also can save them as an image and pop it on my website for advertising :)

  6. Andrew Goodier

    Hi Max, superb graphics set.
    I would like to see more UI Graphics kits (that glossy blue one is excellent).

    Also, more full navigation bars would be excellent.
    I use these as a starting point for my overall UI and they make it all look very professional.

    Would have a subscription for those two sections alone LOL :D

  7. Hey Max,

    I know (as you posted above) you are working on FB Timeline graphics… I recently bought a WSO through you (mostly for the bonuses you offered ;) ). One bonus was the script (and one was a plugin) to edit FB fan pages… was wondering if you would be working on some graphic templates for the FB timelines that would work with the above mentioned script/plugin?

    That would be pretty Awesome!

    I also wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the graphics and content etc… that you provide through this membership site! Keep up the great work!


    • admin

      Thanks Eric. Great to hear you like the content. I will definitely be creating more Facebook graphics and templates (since they’re in such huge demand). Not sure if I’ll create them for those specific plugins, but I’ll look into it. Could be a good idea.

  8. Kym Lawn

    Hey Max,

    I have a project I am working on at the moment and would love a psd website template header that could display photos with a border around the photo across it… with text underneath. :)

    Loving your graphics, saves me hours!


    • admin

      Hi Kym,

      I actually do have something very similar to this that I’ll be posting really soon. It’s a collection of FB Timeline Covers in PSD format, and several of them have these photos placeholders with borders around them. Now they’re not headers (but FB Timeline covers) but they can easily be converted to headers since you do get the layered PSDs. Anyway, these FB Timeline covers are going to be part of a major update that I’ll be posting next month. So stay tuned.


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