3D eCovers

This is a pack of PSD smart templates that create realistic 3D eCovers for your products like: books, software boxs, binders, magazines, etc.. There are 11 different smart templates in this pack, and what makes them special is…

  • All of the eCovers in this package are based on the same perspective and they all have matching shadow and lighting effects. What that means is that you can easily create “bundle sets” of different eCovers.
  • All of these eCovers are in 300 DPI print resolution, so you can use them for web and for print projects.
  • All of these eCovers are premium quality (I went for quality VS quantity with this pack, and every eCover in this pack is top notch).

Files that you get:
- PSD smart templates (Requires Photoshop CS4 or higher)



    • admin

      For those with older versions of Photoshop, I’ll upload some eCover action scripts. Action scripts work with Photoshop 6 or higher, while the smart templates work with CS4 and up. So yes, the action scripts are coming soon.

    • admin

      For those without Photoshop CS4, I’m working on new actions scripts that can be used with older versions of Photoshop. And I will also have some templates for people with PS Elements.

  1. Dr Jerry Fowler

    These work great with PhotoShop CS6. Very simple to use. Excellent Product.

    I would also like to see a CD only picture with these (for those of us who sell CDs or MP3s).

  2. Unfortunately the action scripts don’t work if you have PS in other, then US, language – I guess!
    I;ve got a fresh instalation but the action scripts report they cannot open some files, make certain sellection and forth! Is there any remedy??

    • admin

      For these 3D eCovers I’m using smart templates, not action scrips. And you need Photoshop CS4 or higher to use them. If you do have Photoshop CS4 or higher, and still having problems, send me an email using the contact form and give me some more details on what exactly you’re having problems with.

  3. ruth clevinger

    I absolutely love everything about your site, your marketing tactics, your set up everything is so great. I’m so impressed. It’s hard to ever get me to spend money on ANYTHING so this really says a lot about your service. Thank you for the incredible stuff!

  4. Novicto Herlistianto

    I’ve been using the e-cover templates with CS3 and I’ve had to re-edit the position and shape of most of the smart objects to look 3D after they’ve been edited, it’s probably because I’m using CS3, but other than that, everything else was SUPER easy and FANTASTIC looking !!

    PS: Thank you so much Max, I’ve managed to make dozens of e-covers for my clients now with these templates! It was the right decision to be a member!! Thanks again Max !!!

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