3D Icon Maker

Create professional looking icons in a few minutes with this 3D Icon Maker. It’s very easy to use and creates great results in minutes. It comes pre-formatted with cool background effects like brushed steel, wood, grunge, etc.. You can easily turn these effects on and off with just a few clicks, or you can have a simple solid color or gradient background. The Icon Maker comes in 512 x 512 size, but can also be resizes (smaller or bigger) to any size without loss in quality.

Files that you get:
- PSD files
- Web Ready files


  1. Roberta Eastman

    Hi there…

    First thanks for all you do.

    This looks very cool. Im not sure if Im missing the web files or doing something incorrect in opening the download. However, all Im seeing are PSD which I cant open because I dont use photoshop.

    Can you let me know if Im just not seeing something.


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