3D Layer Styles

This is a special Photoshop file containing several layers of text. All you do is type in your own text on top of the layers, and you get really cool looking 3D text literally in seconds (no action scripts or 3D plugins required). You can make this 3D text say what ever you want, you can use ANY font and any colors, and you can create unlimited variations of different 3D texts. This is very useful for things like logos, badges, headings, etc..


  1. THIS is wonderful!! I’ve had so much trouble trying to get “styles or action scripts” to work in my Photo Shop Elements 8 (which I love) but now I can use this and make those great 3D looks with ease! Thanks again! ~Julie

  2. Gary Graham

    Hi Max,

    Maby it’s just me but when I click on the download link for the 3D Layer Styles it downloads the zip file for testimonial boxes.
    Hope to have the correct file later.


  3. Adam Dejamour

    Hi Max,

    Yep! I get the Testimonial Boxes also. This also happened in 3 other downloads… sorry! I can’t remember which ones they were though!


  4. Adam Dejamour

    OK, I found two others… Line Breaks and Web Shadows both have Testimonial Boxes when you download them as well. There’s a fourth one, but I haven’t found it yet in my downloads. I’ll be back!


  5. Bill Ingram

    I get the testimonial boxes as well. When I click on the 3d layer styles. I am also looking for the tutorials the other members site had. I know you put a lot of effort into this and I did expect some glitches. To be honest the old site suited me fine. I believe with this configuration I will have difficulty locating any new content. I am open minded and look forward to the new changes.

  6. Tom Matteson

    I doubt this comment will get posted, but in case it does, I think it is all of the downloads on the third page that are affected.

    • admin

      I’m still working on the download links, and they will all point to the right download file in the next few days.

  7. admin

    Hey Guys,

    So yes, there were a few posts (including this one), that had the wrong download links. I was in a hurry to get the new members area up online and to share it with members, and actually didn’t have enough time to upload some files and link them. I’m doing that right now, and by the time you read this comment all of the files should be properly linked.


  8. Adam Basua

    I guess I am just an idiot because I am not sure what you mean by “typing over the layers.”

    I found that I had to adjust each layer one at a time with the font and text I wanted. Then I hid the one I had just changed to get the to the next one to do the same. I had to do this around 5 times to get everything the way I wanted.

    Am I doing it right?

    I am using PSE 10

    • admin

      Yes, you’re doing the right thing. That’s what I mean by ‚Äútyping over the layers”. You select a text layer, then type in your own text using the font you want. And you have to do it on EACH text layer to get that 3D effect.

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