Button Layer Styles

This is a set of 30 layer styles for creating web buttons. Each layer style has a simple and clean look that you can apply to your buttons with just one click. You can also easily change the colors of the button to what ever you want (also with just a few clicks). If you don’t have Photoshop you will get the buttons you see below as web ready PNGs.

Files that you get:
- PSD files
- ASL files (layer styles)
- Web Ready files


  1. Dan Kardell

    What is the right way to take one of the layers and just export it to a new image. I tried to select the layer and then COPY, FILE NEW, however it does not pick up the copied layer to the clipboard?

    • Max

      You have to make sure you have the correct layer selected in the layers palette, before going to “copy”. If you have the right layer selected, you should be able to copy it and paste in into a new document.

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