Facebook Timeline Covers

When someone visits your Facebook Timeline Page the very first thing they see is the big banner image at the top of the page called “Facebook Timeline Cover”. This Facebook Timeline Cover is a great way to give a first nice impression and to show your visitors right away what your page is all about, visually. To help you do, here is a set of great looking Facebook Timeline Cover templates that you can customize with your own details (add your own images and text).

Files that you get:
- PSD files
- Web Ready files

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  1. Brian Devine

    Quick question…doesn’t listing the website, email, twitter at the bottom violate the new terms of service? Maybe I’m over thinking things.

    • admin

      Several people have mentioned this to me, and I think you’re right. After looking over the Facebook policies for Timeline Covers, for some reason they don’t allow you to put a website URL, email address, Twitter, etc. on the Timeline Covers. I didn’t know that when I had these Timeline Covers created. You get source PSD files to these, as well as “web ready” versions without all that text… so yes I guess it would be a good idea you to create Timeline Covers WITHOUT a website URL, email address or Twitter.

    • admin

      Most of the content comes with both PSD (Photoshop) files and also with “web ready” files (JPEG, PNG, and GIF) that can be used with any graphics editor. There are just a small amount of files that only come with PSD files, including these Timeline covers. But if you browse around you’ll find plenty of other graphcis that don’t require Photoshop.

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