Free Christmas Whiteboard Graphics

Since it’s the holiday season, and Christmas is just around the corner… I had some brand new “whiteboard” Christmas and holiday graphics created. They’re yours free of charge :) You can use these graphics in your videos, on your websites, and even on your clients’ projects (you just can’t sell or redistribute the graphics as is).
If you want to share these free holiday graphics with others: you can use the social share buttons on the left (or just send people directly to this page).




  1. Thanks again for another great gift. You’ve been a big help in my new found love of building videos. I bought all 3 of the new video makers and love them. Always a pleasure to open your emails. Love your graphics. Appreciate all you do for us Max. Look forward to shaking your hand someday.
    Morris (Murph) Murphy

  2. Davis Blue

    Hi! Max… Thanks for the Christmas Whiteboard Graphics. Would you consider making
    a “New Years Resolution” set which would have several topics with resolution icons?
    Just an idea. Maybe you could sell those…

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