Kindle Book Covers

People DO judge a book by its cover, and there aren’t that many quality sources out there to get a professional Kindle book cover created. Most of the templates I’ve seen online are poor quality, or not in the right dimensions. That’s why I decided to create some quality Kindle book cover templates myself.

These templates are “generic” enough to be used for any niche or topic, and they’re very easy to use… the author name, book title, secondary texts, and image areas are already nicely pre-formatted for you. All you have to do is copy and paste your own text and image(s) inside these templates, and you have a great Kindle cover ready in minutes. And ofcourse you can edit and customize the templates even further (because you get fully editable PSD source files).

Files that you get:
- PSD files
- Web Ready files


  1. Scott Paton

    Hi Max,
    If downloads were in MGT5 can you mention it so I c=don’t download it twice by mistake?

    Loved MGT5 a lot. Keep up the great work!

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