Navigation Bars

This is a set of premium navigation menus for your website or blog. They’re really high quality and polished designs, with a lot of attention to detail. You get both web ready PNG files and source PSD files. With the PSD files, you can easily edit any part of the design.

And if you don’t have a program that opens PSD files, I’ve included “empty” PNG files without any text on them – so you can open the PNG files in ANY graphics editor and just type in your own text for the logos and navigation links.

Navigation Bars


  1. I love these and I love how you are explaining more about how to use them. But, I’m still unsure how to make sure each “button” will match or send a customer to each page on the site. Any help? Or do I just need to hire a designer or programmer to use them?

    • admin

      What you need to do is “slice” the PSD files, then go to “Save for Web” and save the file as images and HTML. Then add the exported HTML and images into your HTML template. And you can then link each individual button to a specific page. I don’t have a tutorial on how to do this yet, but you can do a Google search for “how to slice images”.

  2. ReneeB

    When will there be tutorials? When I first joined, you said it would be mostly non-Photoshop, and you promised tutorials. Now, it is mostly Photoshop, and no tutorials. When are you planning to have tutorials, please?

  3. Sandi Foster

    Max.. you are a very generous membership owner.. you have really over-delivered with everything you have put in here since you started this membership site! I came in when you first started it and out for a while and back in from your last WSO. The site has evolved nicely too.. Great stuff!

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