New Text Layer Styles

This is a brand new set of PSD layer styles that will make your text (or any other PSD layer) look awesome. Add these awesome effects to your text and any other layers with just a few clicks.

Files that you get:
- PSD files (can be used with Photoshop or PS Elements)
- ASL (layer style) files


    • admin

      I just added some new items to the members area, but some of the actual files haven’t been uploaded yet. I will upload all the files within the next 48 hours, and will update all the links then too.

  1. Kristi Davis

    Hi Max, The site looks great. Congratulations. I was looking for the fonts for this layer styles download, my Photoshop software is stating they are missing. I even looked for a text file to tell me where to go to download them and I didn’t see one in the .zip file. Please send me the list of fonts and where to get them? OR even better create a fonts category where we can go to download fonts that you add to the member’s area. Thanks again. Kristi

  2. admin

    These layer styles were created for me by one of my designers… and he didn’t send me the fonts. I’ll see if I can locate the fonts, and yes I will be making a whole new category inside the members area specifically for fonts.

  3. David Merrington

    Splendid! I have an addiction to layer styles (very good for cartooning purposes). Graphic fonts are new to me. This is going to be exciting…

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