Wood Textures Pack

This is a set of 12 high resolution wood textures. These graphics are 4,288 x 2,848 pixels in size, so they’re fairly large and can be used for web and print. You can use these textures as backdrops for your web designs, layer styles, apps, etc..

Files that you get:
- JPEG images


  1. Some Dude

    Max, I have dozens of texture sites in my bookmarks. It might be nice for people who haven’t done much work with textures to learn a bit about their use, etc. How about a couple of short video tutorials on the subject?

    You could include how YOU select textures based on the project and the goal you want to achieve; whether you combine them and, if so, how; the technical aspects of applying textures to an object and then manipulating it in PS, etc.

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